Meet the Owner

Splurge was founded out of a love for fashion and making women feel good about themselves.

Alexia Henig's, first few years of retail experience come from working at her grandfather’s supply company, Tiffin Supply Company, in Red Bay, AL. She spent her summers growing up working in the family business, seeing and learning first-hand how hard, yet how rewarding it can be to run and own your own business. Her grandfather, David Tiffin, instilled much of his strong work ethic in her that she applies to her work today. He is the one she has gone to and will continue to go to for advice in the process of opening and managing Splurge.

Working at Tiffin’s was where Alexia first experienced a chance to work with customers one-on-one. There she learned how important it is to develop a customer/retailer relationship, how you have to work hard to reap rewards, and just how happy customers can be when they “come first.” This is when she knew, one day, she wanted to own her own business where customers came first. Something that would make customers feel great about themselves, but at the same time something Alexia, herself, was very passionate about. That would inevitably be the fashion industry.

Upon graduating college, her love for fashion and design led her to begin her career working at Marquirette’s as a jewelry consultant. Marquirette’s is an upscale jewelry store located in Montgomery, AL. While here, she gained extensive knowledge in jewelry design, appropriateness of style, importance of developing a consistent, positive work ethic, as well as developing that consumer/retailer relationship that is so important when it comes to retail business.

As her experience and knowledge grew, the desire to explore other areas of retail led her to work at Henig Furs of Montgomery. One of her many responsibilities in this business was that of a buyer. Along with this came the opportunity to travel to many different states, as well as Canada, in search of furs that would meet both the desire and functionality that the clientele sought.

The fact that Alexia served on a local fashion board for four years, worked behind the scenes at photo shoots, and has modeling experience with magazine publications, brochures, and billboard ads, has given her valuable insight into the many different aspects of what the fashion industry desires and expects.

One of Alexia’s true loves for many years has been the sport of track and field. In 2011, she was afforded a unique opportunity to work with junior high and high school athletes as head coach at Saint James School in Montgomery. For two years she successfully coached indoor and outdoor track and field, and taught physical education to grades K5-5.

Alexia is married to Montgomery, AL native Michael Henig. Together, they have two beautiful daughters, Finleigh Beth (13) and Tiffin Lynn (7). Outside of Splurge, they enjoy summers spent on Lake Martin, traveling to Starkville to cheer on the Bulldogs, and spending time with friends and family!